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Produzione di contenuti audiovisivi

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Descrizione del servizio

Il contenuto audiovisivo è uno strumento forte per raggiungere la tua comunità, per questo raccontiamo storie attraverso l'arte e la comunicazione. La produzione di contenuti audiovisivi nell'ambiente dei media, genera la trasformazione della tua comunità sviluppando il pensiero attraverso la creatività. Produciamo contenuti per varie piattaforme, come canali televisivi, servizi di condivisione di media - Youtube, soundcloud -, servizi di live streaming - UStream - o social network - Facebook, Google+, ecc - e microblog - Twitter. - Produzione video; - llustrazione creativa; - Storytelling e viaggio dell'eroe; - Animazioni per i social media; - Sceneggiature e contenuti; Chiedendo i nostri servizi accetti le politiche presentate di seguito.

Regole di annullamento

To cancel or reschedule, contact us at least 24 hours in advance. -- *Responsibilities on behalf of Ula Bianca: - Submit the project within the deadline. - Make the necessary changes as long as they are within the ideas informed in the briefing and defined in meetings. - Deliver the final files to the e-mail address provided by the client within 48 hours after the project is completed. - Have the client's files saved for up to 90 days - if requested by the client. *Responsibilities of the client: - Fill out the briefing correctly with as much information as possible, knowing how important it is for the final result of the project. And be aware that you cannot change the main idea described in the briefing. - Download the files sent by e-mail within 7 days. - Save the files on a computer or flash drive to avoid loss. *Ula Bianca disclaims liability: - Loss of files by the customer after 90 days. - Plagiarism of third parties on the customer's project. - Wrong information in the briefing, changes of ideas about the creation of the brand after the project has already started. If this occurs, 50% of the value of the package purchased will be charged to reformulate the project. *Ula Bianca's Rights: - Suspend the project if the client does not send the requested information within 30 business days. - Give the project as abandoned after 3 months (90 days) without the client giving answers/summon without notice. Thus the project cannot be resumed. The customer must make a new, full payment and reschedule the service. - In case of desistance after the project has already started, both the research and the creation, we will refund 50% of the amount paid to cover the vacancy in the schedule that could have been scheduled for another client. - Charge extra fees if you exceed the limit of changes or the client decides to change the main idea of the briefing. - Make the extra changes only after the payment of the fees for each change.

Dettagli di contatto


LEGAL OFFICE Via Carlo Mentigazzi, San Germano Vercellese, Vercelli, Itália

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